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4-Letter Words Ending in T for Kids - List of Essential Vocabulary Words

Written by
Scott Sosso

A Thorough Collection of 4-Letter Words Ending in "T" to Boost Kids' Spelling & Reading Abilities

Our age-specific word lists are derived from a study on the learning age of over 30,000 English words, ensuring educational relevance. We vet words for kid-friendliness using advanced tools and prioritize vocabulary based on usage frequency, informed by extensive research, to benefit children's learning.

LUCA's list of 4-letter words ending in "T" is a wonderful tool to broaden your child's word bank. Tailored for both parents and educators, this resource offers a broad variety of words for additional language practice. Ranging from simple options like "bolt" and "gift" to more stimulating choices like "fort," these words are perfectly pitched for children across the spectrum, from prekindergarten to grade 9. Enhance your child's reading comprehension and spelling skills by introducing them to this selective and engaging vocabulary list. By focusing on 4-letter words that end in "T," you'll provide your child with the building blocks for successful communication. So, don't wait to start strengthening your child's vocabulary with these captivating words today!

4-Letter Words that End in Letter


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4-Letter Words that End in T for Pre-K 3 (3-Year-Olds)











Sentences with 4-Letter Words that End in T for Pre-K 3 (3-Year-Olds)

Let's make learning fun for your 3-year-old! We're exploring sentences with 4-letter words that end in "T". These examples are perfect for little learners to enjoy and understand. Start the adventure below!

Your Aunt Lisa always sends you birthday presents.

Daddy is fishing from the boat, see how it bobs on the water?

Look at the big brown boot on Daddy's foot.

When you slide down the slide, it's best to go on your butt.

The fluffy coat of the puppy made it look extra cuddly and cute.

The water turns the dirt into mud when it rains.

You ate your ice cream fast before it could melt!

Mom said we need to stay six feet away from others when we go outside.

We use soft pillows to rest our heads at nap time.

What is your name?

4-Letter Words that End in T for Pre-K 4 (4-Year-Olds)
















Sentences with 4-Letter Words that End in T for Pre-K 4 (4-Year-Olds)

Get your 4-year-old excited about words with this playful look at 4-letter words ending in "T". These example sentences are simple, fun, and just right for little learners. Start exploring these words together now!

She wore a shiny "belt" with a sparkling buckle around her waist.

Out of all my toys, my teddy bear is the best!

When you're mad, you might clench your hands into a fist, but it's better to use your words.

When you fall down and scrape your knee, it might hurt.

This is the last cookie, so make sure to savor every bite.

Daddy uses a cart to lift heavy things at work.

We had grilled chicken for dinner, which is a type of meat.

When we go to the zoo, we can meet all the different animals.

You must say "please" and "thank you" when asking for something.

What are we going to do next? Let's paint!

During rest time, you can lie down and relax on your cozy mat.

The teacher asked the students to find their seats before starting the lesson.

The children were sad when the playground had to shut because of the heavy rain.

Mommy will be finished soon, just wait a little bit longer.

I want to read a story before going to sleep.

4-Letter Words that End in T for Pre-K (5-Year-Olds)





















Sentences with 4-Letter Words that End in T for Pre-K (5-Year-Olds)

Let's make learning fun for your 5-year-old! We're playing with 4-letter words that end in "T". Each sentence is crafted to be easily understandable and enjoyable for little learners. Join us in exploring these words below!

Buying a toy will cost you some of your allowance money.

After we play with our toys, we need to dust them off.

The pancake was so flat that it fit perfectly in the pan for cooking.

Santa Claus brings gifts to children on Christmas.

In the summer, we feel the heat from the sun more.

When we play hide and seek, I give you a hint about where I'm hiding.

The teacher said, "Raise your left hand if you have a question."

Remember to make a list for your classroom supplies: pencils, crayons, and glue.

The snowman began to melt as the temperature rose, leaving only a small pile of slush.

I like the color of mint leaves; they are bright green and look like little hearts.

I love to keep my toys neat and tidy in my toy box.

The mommy bird brings worms to the nest to feed her babies.

It's your turn to be a part of the pretend tea party.

If a game is too frustrating, it's okay to quit and try again later.

Plants get their water and nutrients from their roots.

Salt is used to melt ice on roads during winter to make them safer for driving.

My friend got a shot at the doctor's office just like me.

The boy learned that it's not polite to spit out food at the dinner table.

Let's play a game of "I Spy" and try to spot something yellow in the room!

We set up a colorful tent in the backyard for our camping adventure.

Can you show me that picture you drew?

The police officer wears a vest with badges on it.

The sun sets in the west during the evening.

4-Letter Words that End in T for Kindergarten (6-Year-Olds)
















Sentences with 4-Letter Words that End in T for Kindergarten (6-Year-Olds)

Show your 6-year-old how fun words can be with our collection! We're playing with 4-letter words that end in "T". These simple sentences are perfect for kindergarteners to learn and enjoy. Join us on this word adventure!

The little boy could hear the beat of the drum during the band performance.

After shopping, the family loaded their groceries into a cart to wheel them to the car.

If you save 5 cents every day, you'll have a lot of money by the end of the month.

When the sun rises in the morning, it comes up in the east.

When it's time to leave the playground, remember to find the exit gate.

It's a fact that cats have whiskers to help them feel their way around.

Yesterday, I felt happy when my friend shared her toys with me.

Soldiers in history used a fort for protection.

We're going to hunt for Easter eggs in the park.

I tied a knot in my shoelaces to make sure they stay in place.

The mist made everything look mysterious and hazy in the early hours.

The time on the clock is ten minutes past nine.

When you sort your toys by color, it's easier to find your favorites to play with.

My dad wears a suit to work, and he looks very smart and professional.

The weather forecaster will test the new equipment before the evening broadcast.

4-Letter Words that End in T for 1st Grade (7-Year-Olds)















Sentences with 4-Letter Words that End in T for 1st Grade (7-Year-Olds)

Get your 7-year-old excited about new words with our collection of sentences featuring 4-letter words that end in "T". These examples are perfect for first graders, making learning fun and easy. Let's jump into the adventure!

The fisherman used a shiny lure as bait to catch a big fish in the lake.

The superhero's lightning bolt symbol on his chest represented his superhuman speed and power.

We can cast a fishing line into the pond and see if we can catch any fish.

I like to chat with my grandma on the phone to hear her stories from when she was young.

Be careful when playing with darts to avoid accidents and injuries.

May I have just one more piece of candy, please?

I learned how to knit a small square in my art class.

The adventurers crossed the river safely by paddling together on the makeshift raft.

The old bike had patches of rust on its frame from being left out in the rain.

I received a text message from my friend inviting me to her birthday party.

I like to watch the dog trot alongside its owner.

A "unit" in math is a standard quantity used to measure or count things.

The flowers will wilt if you forget to water them.

The dog is used to going for a walk every morning, it's his wont.

4-Letter Words that End in T for 2nd Grade (8-Year-Olds)














Sentences with 4-Letter Words that End in T for 2nd Grade (8-Year-Olds)

Introduce your 8-year-old to the excitement of reading with sentences featuring 4-letter words that end in "T". These examples are perfect for second graders, making learning both fun and educational. Let's jump into the joy of words together!

To dry the wet painting, the artist gently used a paper towel to blot the excess water.

A colt is a young male horse, full of energy and playfulness.

Feeling a sudden gust of wind, the children held onto their hats tightly.

The traffic cop held up his hand to halt the cars.

When you come into a new place, remember to thank the host for inviting you.

When baking, a recipe might call for a pint of milk to be added to the mixture.

The news showed a plot of land where the new park will be built.

Emily Dickinson is a famous poet who wrote beautiful poems.

My mom likes to post pictures of our family outings on social media.

Some families decide to rent a vacation home instead of staying in a hotel.

After the spat, they both apologized and decided to share the toy.

In the news, a local bakery won an award for their mouthwatering raspberry tart.

When you tilt your head, you can see things from a different angle.

4-Letter Words that End in T for 3rd Grade (9-Year-Olds)











Sentences with 4-Letter Words that End in T for 3rd Grade (9-Year-Olds)

Make learning fun for your 9-year-old with these simple sentences featuring 4-letter words that end in "T". Tailored for third graders, these examples help build vocabulary in an engaging way. Let's jump into the adventure of words together!

After eating too much candy, Timmy felt like his stomach was going to bust.

Bears change their diet when they prepare to hibernate, eating lots of food.

By studying hard and putting in a dint of dedication, Jack improved his math skills significantly.

The majestic hart, with his large antlers, became the king of the forest.

The sailor admired the beautiful view of the port from the ship's deck.

During the town hall meeting, a resident went on a rant about the need for more playgrounds.

After the controversial decision, a riot broke out in the city center, causing chaos and destruction.

Can you help me sift through these papers to find the important ones for our project?

The tuft of grass stood out in the field, swaying gently in the breeze.

We explored the vast jungle, discovering new plants and animals along the way.

4-Letter Words that End in T for 4th Grade (10-Year-Olds)














Sentences with 4-Letter Words that End in T for 4th Grade (10-Year-Olds)

Help your 10-year-old expand their vocabulary with our collection of sentences featuring 4-letter words that end in "T". Each sentence is tailored for fourth graders, making learning new words fun and easy. Let's jump into the examples below!

People should be cautious of joining groups that exhibit cult-like behaviors.

Your dad has to go to work to earn money so we can pay our debts like our home and car loans.

As the hummingbird began to flit around the feeder, its iridescent feathers shimmered in the sunlight.

Be sure to bring an umbrella lest you get caught in the rain.

The neighborhood mart is a convenient place to grab daily essentials like milk and bread.

Sailors use ropes to climb up and down the mast.

Please omit any personal information when sharing your story with the class.

A small slit in the curtain allowed a beam of sunlight to brighten the room.

Showing tact means being careful with your words and actions to avoid hurting someone's feelings.

The artist added a hint of blue tint to the sky in the painting to create a more realistic atmosphere.

When I'm upset, I like to vent my feelings by talking to a friend.

Despite the changes, not a whit of the school's spirit was lost during the transition.

Adding a bit of orange zest to the recipe really brightened up the dish and made it more delicious.

4-Letter Words that End in T for 5th Grade (11-Year-Olds)













Sentences with 4-Letter Words that End in T for 5th Grade (11-Year-Olds)

Get your 11-year-old ready for a challenge with our selection of sentences featuring 4-letter words that end in "T". These examples are perfect for fifth graders, combining education with entertainment to enhance vocabulary skills. Enjoy this exciting exploration together!

Our school's chess team had an intense bout with the rival team last weekend.

With deft hands, the artist painted intricate details on the canvas.

Completing the difficult puzzle was quite a feat for Lily.

When typing a document, you can choose different fonts to give it a unique style.

Your mom starts to fret if you're not home before dark.

When the horse changed its gait from a trot to a gallop, it moved faster.

The picture frame was made of gilt, which made it look very shiny and expensive.

The comedian's jests always made the audience burst into laughter.

In the old castle, the princess had a beautiful loft where she could read her books in peace.

The company's stock price plummeted after a rout in the market due to economic uncertainty.

Suet is a high-energy food made from animal fat mixed with seeds and grains.

The delicious smell of warm cookies wafted through the kitchen.

4-Letter Words that End in T for 6th Grade (12-Year-Olds)




Sentences with 4-Letter Words that End in T for 6th Grade (12-Year-Olds)

Get your 12-year-old excited about expanding their vocabulary with our collection of sentences featuring 4-letter words that end in "T". These examples are tailored for sixth graders, making learning new words both fun and educational. Check them out below!

He could feel the heft of the textbook in his backpack.

She used both hands to appreciate the heft of the bowling ball.

After lifting the box, he was surprised by its unexpected heft.

The farmer pent the sheep in the pen to keep them safe from predators.

The magician's trick involved a bird appearing to be pent inside a small box.

Pent means to confine or restrain something within an enclosed space.

The rift between the coach and the star player affected the team's performance on the field.

In the news, there was a rift between the two countries over trade agreements.

The political party experienced a rift when members disagreed on the new policy direction.

4-Letter Words that End in T for 7th Grade (13-Year-Olds)


Sentences with 4-Letter Words that End in T for 7th Grade (13-Year-Olds)

Get your 13-year-old ready for a fun challenge! We're looking at sentences with 4-letter words that end in "T". These examples are crafted to match the reading and comprehension levels of seventh graders, blending education with enjoyment. Check them out below!

Each bee belongs to a different sect within the hive.

The town is divided into different religious sects.

The scientist studied the behavior of ants in a specific sect of their colony.

4-Letter Words that End in T for 8th Grade (14-Year-Olds)



Sentences with 4-Letter Words that End in T for 8th Grade (14-Year-Olds)

Engage your 14-year-old with this collection of sentences, each showcasing a 4-letter word that ends in "T". These examples are crafted to challenge and inspire eighth graders, enhancing their vocabulary and reading skills. Join us in exploring these words and their contexts!

Make sure to hold the hammer by the hilt for a firm grip and better control.

The knight grasped the hilt of his sword, ready for battle.

In the museum, we saw an old sword with a beautifully decorated hilt.

She listened to the speaker intently, her eyes fixed in a rapt gaze.

The audience sat in rapt silence as the magician performed his tricks.

I was so rapt by the storyline of the novel that I couldn't put it down.

4-Letter Words that End in T for 9th Grade (15-Year-Olds)


Sentences with 4-Letter Words that End in T for 9th Grade (15-Year-Olds)

Engage your 15-year-old with this collection tailored for ninth graders! We're focusing on sentences that incorporate 4-letter words ending in "T". This selection is designed to challenge and enrich their vocabulary in a way that's both educational and interesting. Discover the nuances of language through these examples.

She used her journal to writ down her thoughts and feelings.

He needed to writ a persuasive essay for his English class.

The student spent hours researching before starting to writ his research paper.

4-Letter Common Words that End in T


Sentences with Common Words that End in "T"

Discover the charm of common words ending in "T" through our collection of example sentences. Perfect for readers eager to enhance their vocabulary, these sentences showcase the versatility and beauty of the English language. Let's get started on this linguistic adventure!

She added a zest of lemon to the cake batter for a tangy flavor.

He approached every task with enthusiasm and zest, making it enjoyable for everyone.

She showed great zest for life, always looking for new adventures and challenges.

The recipe called for the zest of one lemon to brighten up the salad dressing.

Adding a bit of orange zest to the recipe really brightened up the dish and made it more delicious.

The team played with great zest and scored a winning goal.

The chef added lemon zest to the cake to give it a fresh and tangy flavor.

His zest for life made every day an adventure, always looking for new things to learn and explore.

She added zest to the cake batter, giving it a deliciously tangy flavor.

4-Letter Animal Words that End in T




Sentences with Animals that End in "T"

Discover the fascinating world of animals through our collection of sentences featuring creatures that end in "T"! Each example is crafted to pique your curiosity and deepen your understanding of the animal kingdom. Step into nature's wonder with us and learn more about these amazing animals.

Despite their small size, gnats can gather in large swarms near bodies of water.

The gnat buzzed around the fruit bowl, looking for something sweet to eat.

A gnat is a tiny flying insect that can be quite bothersome during a picnic.

The baby goat, called a kid, loves to play and jump around in the meadow.

Goats have rectangular pupils which give them a wide field of vision to watch for predators.

In the news, a clever goat was found balancing on a tightrope at a local circus.

In the news, scientists discovered a new species of newt in the rainforest.

The newt is a small amphibian that can live both in water and on land.

Newts have bright colors to warn predators that they are toxic.

4-Letter Math Words that End in T










Sentences with Math Words that End in "T"

Discover the fascinating intersection of language and mathematics with our collection of sentences featuring math words that end in "T". This unique exploration is designed to illuminate these terms in a new light, making math more relatable and engaging for everyone. Join us in this enlightening journey!

When you save 100 cents, you will have one whole dollar to spend.

The athlete's long jump of over twenty feet impressed the crowd and secured a new personal record.

I found a flat rock by the river and skipped it across the water.

When I jump, both of my feet leave the ground at the same time!

When we made lemonade, we measured out one pint of lemon juice to mix with the water.

When we plot numbers on a chart, it helps us see how they change over time.

On the news, they talked about finding the root of a problem, like figuring out why a plant wasn't growing.

The teacher showed us how to sort our snacks from smallest to largest.

In math, we learned that a unit is one single thing, like one apple or one inch.

4-Letter History Words that End in T


Sentences with History Words that End in "T"

Dive into the past with our compilation of sentences featuring history words that end in "T"! This collection is expertly crafted to enrich your understanding of historical terminology and concepts. Get ready to journey through time with these engaging examples.

Long ago, explorers set sail from ports, searching for new lands and treasures across the sea.

The sailor admired the beautiful view of the port from the ship's deck.

New York City has one of the busiest ports in the world, where ships come and go carrying cargo.

The ship stopped at the port to unload its cargo of goods.

A news report highlighted how the local port is helping our town's economy by increasing trade opportunities.

My grandparents embarked on a cruise from the port of Miami.

In history, we learned that a port is a place where ships come and go, bringing goods from other countries.

The ancient Egyptians used the Nile River as a port to trade goods with other civilizations.

The news reporter talked about a new port opening to help increase trade between two countries.

Engaging Activities for 4-Letter Words Ending in T for Kids

Story Creation

Encourage children to craft imaginative stories using words like "boat", "cast", and "hint". This activity stimulates creativity and narrative skills, allowing kids to explore different storylines and characters.

Spelling Practice

Engage kids in a fun spelling challenge with words such as "belt", "chat", and "goat". This activity not only enhances spelling skills but also boosts vocabulary retention. Make it interactive by incorporating spelling bees or timed challenges!

Adjective Hunt

Invite children to find and describe objects using adjectives from the list, such as "neat boat" or "soft hint". This activity promotes language development and encourages kids to think critically about descriptive words.

Memory Game

Play a memory game with words like "fast", "dust", and "gift". Flip cards with words facing down and have kids match the pairs. This activity sharpens memory skills and word recognition in an entertaining way.

Auditory Word Association

Engage kids in a word association game where they link words like "feet", "fact", and "best" based on their auditory similarities. This activity enhances phonemic awareness and strengthens vocabulary connections through sound recognition.


Scott Sosso is a serial entrepreneur recognized as one of the top in his industry from a young age. Before the age of 30, he used his entrepreneurial skills to grow a real estate startup to a billion in sales in just three years. Later, he took that entrepreneurial spirit to the healthcare industry, and through various senior leadership roles, he was a key team member who led a healthcare company to 6X gross revenues. While none of these journeys were easy, the process of scaling businesses and navigating complex market dynamics has been a testament to Scott's resilience and business acumen.

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