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Reading Solutions

LUCA.ai is game-changer in
the education space.

Our innovative and personalized approach provides the ability to
tailor lessons based on each student’s specific reading instructional
needs, enabling them to learn faster and better retain information.

Parents Hub

Empower your child’s reading
development with LUCA

Reading proficiency has a profound impact on a person's academic,
social, and economic success, as well as their overall health.

Educators Hub

Revolutionizing the way students can engage with reading materials through its groundbreaking AI-based reading platform.

Our technology creates a suite of custom stories tailored specifically to each reader’s individual interests and abilities, making it an invaluable tool for educators looking to bridge the reading gap in their classrooms.

Districts Hub

Bridging the gap in academic success

Personalized reading platform for students of all school districts

Schools Hub

Luca.Ai revolutionizes literacy education with ai-based reading platform

LUCA.ai promises to revolutionize how students and schools approach literacy education; our AI-based reading platform offers a personalized educational experience designed specifically for each student.

Teachers Hub

Luca.Ai's ai technology bridges the student reading gap with customized learning

LUCA.ai is revolutionizing how teachers can tackle the reading gap among students with their cutting-edge AI technology, seeking to provide what the individual student needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Home School Hub

Luca.Ai's ai-powered reading platform: revolutionizing literacy for home schools

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Tutors Hub

Powerful tool for tutors to enhance their students' reading skills and achieve greater academic success

LUCA's advanced AI technology provides tutors with personalized and engaging reading experiences, while also delivering real-time insights and data on their students' progress.

How it works?
Child’s unique needs

Help to achieve full potential

With engaging reading materials, games, and exercises, LUCA offers personalized reading tailored to each child’s unique needs.

Love of reading

Prepare for a bright future

By signing up for LUCA, parents can help their children accelerate their reading progress, build their confidence, and develop a lifelong love of reading.

Personalized reading

Personalized reading

23% of students below average readers in 3rd grade never graduate from high school. LUCA can make a difference in student’s life.

Track child’s progress

Real-time data and insights

LUCA’s detailed reports show how their child performs and where they need additional support. This data enables parents to work more effectively with their child’s teachers and tutors to address specific areas of concern and ensure that their child is receiving the best possible support for their reading development.

Reading Technology

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With the current advancements in technology, it’s evident that personalized learning is ushering in the future of education.

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    Generate personalized content tailored to readers' interest.
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    Stories are focused on the reader's level and challenges.
  • 3
    Personalized learning experience designed to engage the reader.
LUCA Listens
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    Identifies parts of the word the reader struggles with the most.
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    Aligns speech to actual text for greater accuracy.
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    Automates speech tracking for real-time interventions.
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    AI-Powered reading
  • 2
    Personalized learning plans based on child’s interest.
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