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Why are LUCA Learning Platform and its services important?

Reading disfluency happens to at least 20% of the population without them even noticing it, and LUCA is here to help with a simple process of “lesson, story and progress”! Readers' voice recordings of reading customized stories will be analyzed to identify difficult letter-sound pairs, which in turn determine upcoming lesson order and story contents that aim to help them conquer the challenges. With such improvement, LUCA strives to improve children's reading proficiency and associated learning capacity in general to help them achieve life successes.

How does LUCA Learning Platform work?

Upon registration, the reader will be given three short stories to read out loud. The microphone shall be turned on your device so we can capture the reader’s voice data. We post-process the data to mask out any identity-relevant information before using it to train and improve our AI models, so without any concerns about privacy issues, the reader contributes to a smarter LUCA AI while enjoying all the reading-assistive perks of it! Before we launch the beta version of the LUCA Reading Platform, you will receive an email with a link to your FREE enrollment access to the program.

What are the benefits of signing up today?

  • Personalized learning experience
  • Additional insights on reading struggles for parents & educators
  • Maximize engagement for readers

Why should you sign up?

To suit the diverse needs of readers, we provide 2 subscription plans that offer different access levels to our AI modules. The more advanced plans you choose, the more targeted curriculum designs and detailed performance reports you get.

How to enroll?

A parent or legal guardian will need to sign a Parental Release Form. There are a limited number of spots available for the FREE Enrollment Period (ends on Jun 30, 2024). Secure your spot today!

When will LUCA be publicly available?

Beta Version Release: Oct 2, 2023

Register today to be among the first LUCA explorers of the world’s first AI technology on reading tutoring and unlock all the surprises for your kids and students on the journey to becoming a reading master!

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