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Personalized Learning is the future of education

in business, computer science, and education to develop a modern reading platform to tackle challenges worldwide.

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An incredible adventure awaits us!

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With LUCA’s proprietary AI software, that future is one step closer.

  • Personalized
  • Interactive
  • Automated
  • Tracking progress
  • Future-oriented
  • Always new reading material
  • Child interest-based
  • Speech recognition
  • Evaluation
  • Innovative platform
  • Customized levels
  • Engaging stories
  • Real-time feedback
  • Advanced AI software
  • And many, many more

Designed for children’s future

We make reading accessible to everyone. Explore, pick, and customize stories to your needs.

Story labs

At LUCA, we're all about creating stories that speak to our readers. Our StoryLabs© program is designed to provide our readers with a personalized reading experience that's tailored to their interests and preferences. We want to challenge and motivate them at every step of the way, so the reader can fully immerse themself in thereading journey. Let us inspire you with our customized content technology!

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LUCA Listens

LUCAListens© is an innovative technology that functions as a personal tutor for readers. It uses advanced speech recognition to identify the letter/sound pairs that readers find challenging and creates a customized learning experience for them. This cutting-edge tool is perfect for young readers who want to enhance their literacy skills.

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With http://LUCA.ai, we understand that every reader has unique learning needs. That's why we developed ProfessorAI to offer personalized learning plans and AI-powered reading recommendations to help students improve their reading skills. Our aim is to boost their confidence and provide them with the right resources to reach their academic goals. With our tailored plans and recommendations, each student receives the best possible outcome.

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