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7-Letter Words Ending in Y for Kids - List of Essential Vocabulary Words

Written by
Scott Sosso

Thorough Compilation of 7-Letter Words Ending in "Y" to Boost Kids' Vocabulary & Reading Skills

Our age-specific word lists are derived from a study on the learning age of over 30,000 English words, ensuring educational relevance. We vet words for kid-friendliness using advanced tools and prioritize vocabulary based on usage frequency, informed by extensive research, to benefit children's learning.

LUCA's list of 7-letter words ending in "Y" offers a powerful tool for enhancing your child's vocabulary. This comprehensive resource is tailored to assist parents and teachers in offering children invaluable language practice. Whether it's simple words like "happy" and "family" or more advanced options like "library" and "primary," these vocabulary selections span from prekindergarten all the way to grade 9. By focusing on vocabulary building practice, children can improve crucial skills such as reading comprehension and spelling. The selected words are perfect for developing an extensive command of the English language, paving the way for clear expression and understanding in both spoken and written forms. Get ready to expand your child's word knowledge with 7-letter words ending in "Y" today!

7-Letter Words that End in Letter


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7-Letter Words that End in Y for Pre-K 3 (3-Year-Olds)


Sentences with 7-Letter Words that End in Y for Pre-K 3 (3-Year-Olds)

Let's make learning fun for your 3-year-old with some playful sentences! Our focus today is on 7-letter words that end in "Y". These simple examples are perfect for tiny learners just starting their educational journey. Enjoy discovering new words together!

When your throat is dry and you want something to drink, that means you're thirsty.

After playing outside, you might feel thirsty and want a cup of juice.

Don't forget to drink water when you feel thirsty, it will make you feel better.

7-Letter Words that End in Y for Pre-K 4 (4-Year-Olds)




Sentences with 7-Letter Words that End in Y for Pre-K 4 (4-Year-Olds)

Let's make learning fun for your 4-year-old! We're looking at 7-letter words that end in "Y". These simple sentences are just right for little learners in Pre-K 4. Get ready to discover together!

The librarian helps us find books in the library.

In the library, we can listen to stories during story time.

We can borrow books from the library to read at home.

Santa Claus knows if you've been naughty or nice.

Oh no, we shouldn't be naughty and draw on the walls.

It's not nice to be naughty and not share toys with our friends.

The boy felt unhappy because he couldn't find his favorite toy.

The little girl was unhappy when her ice cream fell on the ground.

The puppy looked unhappy when it started raining during his walk.

7-Letter Words that End in Y for Pre-K (5-Year-Olds)









Sentences with 7-Letter Words that End in Y for Pre-K (5-Year-Olds)

Let's make learning fun for your 5-year-old with sentences featuring 7-letter words that end in "Y"! These simple examples are crafted to match the curiosity and learning level of pre-K kids. Get ready for a playful discovery of new words!

Does anybody want to play with this ball?

Tommy gave an apology to his friend for accidentally breaking his toy.

Mom bought rechargeable batteries to save money and help the environment.

Mom asked me to help her carry the grocery bags full of groceries into the house.

The puppy wagged its tail happily when its owner returned home.

My favorite holiday is Halloween because I get to dress up in a fun costume.

Honesty means telling the truth and not saying things that are not true.

In January, it gets really cold and we wear warm coats.

7-Letter Words that End in Y for Kindergarten (6-Year-Olds)

















Sentences with 7-Letter Words that End in Y for Kindergarten (6-Year-Olds)

Encourage your 6-year-old's curiosity with fun sentences featuring 7-letter words that end in "Y". Perfect for kindergarteners, these examples are crafted to enrich their vocabulary in an enjoyable way. Let's get started and see what they can learn!

We went to a museum to learn about the history of our city.

The railway tracks guide the train to its destination safely.

After playing outside, I put my dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

When we drive to grandma's house, we use the highway because it's faster.

The cheetah is the fastest animal on land, it can run quickly to catch its prey.

Please hang your backpack by the doorway when you come in.

The chimney on our house lets out the smoke when we use the fireplace.

The news reported that a new factory will create jobs in the local community.

The cars drove on the busy roadway to get to the park for a picnic.

In our storybook, the characters solved a mystery in a haunted house.

We learned about different types of jewelry in our art class.

The pathway to the playground was filled with excited children running and playing.

In the nursery, the teacher sings songs and reads stories to the little ones.

When Grandma comes to visit, she enjoys our company.

The room looked spooky with its shadowy corners and dim lighting.

When you finished playing with your blocks, you decided to destroy your tower and start a new one.

7-Letter Words that End in Y for 1st Grade (7-Year-Olds)



















Sentences with 7-Letter Words that End in Y for 1st Grade (7-Year-Olds)

Make learning fun for your 7-year-old with sentences featuring 7-letter words that end in "Y"! These simple examples are perfect for first graders, helping them grow their vocabulary in a playful way. Let's get started and enjoy the discovery together!

On our family vacation, we took a road trip and embarked on a fun journey to explore different places.

Children should always ask for permission before sharing personal information online to protect their privacy.

During the holiday season, many organizations organize charity events to help the less fortunate.

We have a monthly assembly at school to celebrate achievements and birthdays.

The king's crown sparkled with majesty as he entered the grand hall.

A century means 100 years. It's a very long time!

We live in the country of Italy, which is famous for pizza and pasta.

My grandfather is wealthy, he owns a big house, fancy cars, and goes on luxurious vacations.

If you spill salt, some people believe it's unlucky unless you throw a pinch over your shoulder.

In the wild, grizzlies mainly feed on fish, berries, and small mammals.

The students cheered with joy when their class won the spelling bee, celebrating their victory.

Brushing your teeth is part of a healthy daily routine.

You have exactly five dollars in your piggy bank.

During the surgery, the surgeon used special tools to help fix the problem inside my body.

When estimating, we might say "roughly 50 people attended the event" to give a general idea.

Robbery is a serious crime where someone steals things from others without permission.

There are a variety of fruits to choose from in the lunch line.

The museum had a special display of dinosaur skeletons that amazed the young visitors.

7-Letter Words that End in Y for 2nd Grade (8-Year-Olds)





















Sentences with 7-Letter Words that End in Y for 2nd Grade (8-Year-Olds)

Explore the fun of 7-letter words that end in "Y" with your 8-year-old! We've crafted sentences that are just right for second graders, making learning new words an exciting adventure. Let's get started and see what words we can discover together!

People in ancient times used to crucify criminals as a severe penalty for their actions.

She wrote a flowery poem about the blooming flowers in the meadow.

The news report highlighted the cruelty of the situation, urging people to take action to help those in need.

The elderly lady walked slowly with her cane to the park bench.

The harmony in a drawing means all its parts work together and make it look nice.

The Statue of Liberty stands tall in New York City.

The old house looked ghostly in the moonlight.

The gallery had sculptures and artworks from many different artists.

The "for rent" sign means there is a vacancy in that apartment.

The new library card serves as a gateway to endless adventures through books and stories.

Gravity is the force that makes things fall to the ground when you drop them.

Showing loyalty means being faithful and sticking by someone or something, like a friend or a team.

Using a magnifying glass can help you see tiny details more clearly.

The runaway dog was found safe and sound in the neighborhood park.

All the best knights in stories show bravery by fighting dragons and saving princesses.

In fairy tales, royalty often wear crowns and live in beautiful palaces.

The detective promised to maintain secrecy about the surprise party for the mayor.

The primary election helps political parties choose their main candidate for the general election.

The farmer feeds the poultry a balanced diet to keep them healthy and ensure they grow well.

She always takes pride in the quality of her artwork.

The loud thunderstorm outside can terrify some pets, making them hide under the bed.

Anxiety can make your heart race and your palms sweaty when you're nervous.

When you write a summary, you only include the most important information.

She showed great ability in solving the puzzle quickly.

Volunteering at a soup kitchen is a great way to give back to society and help those in need.

The princess waved to her people from the balcony of the castle.

The silvery moon shone brightly in the night sky, casting a soft glow over the land.

Long ago, slavery was legal in many countries, but now it is considered a grave violation of human rights.

Parsley is a green herb often used to add flavor and garnish dishes like pasta and salads.

If you break a rule in a game, you might face a penalty like sitting out for a turn.

To keep our classroom tidy, we put our books in an orderly manner on the shelf.

My dad takes our dog for a walk nightly after dinner.

7-Letter Words that End in Y for 3rd Grade (9-Year-Olds)













Sentences with 7-Letter Words that End in Y for 3rd Grade (9-Year-Olds)

Get your 9-year-old excited about expanding their vocabulary! We're exploring sentences with 7-letter words that end in "Y". These examples are tailor-made for third graders, making learning new words fun and easy. Let's jump into the adventure below!

During noonday, many animals seek shade to escape the intense heat.

In some countries, poverty is a big problem and children don't have access to education or healthcare.

When you see a fire, you should call 911 and explain the urgency of the situation.

In science, we learned that during the infancy of a butterfly, it is known as a caterpillar.

The lottery draw takes place every week, and the winning numbers are announced on television.

During our road trip, we stopped to admire the picturesque scenery of the ocean at sunset.

Even though Sarah lost the game, she held her head up high and showed everyone her dignity.

The cavalry rode in on their horses to help the soldiers.

Harry Potter went to Hogwarts, which is a magic academy.

The superhero in the story is admired for his bravery and decency.

Earthly treasures like toys and games can be fun, but they don't last forever.

Archery has been practiced for centuries as a sport and hunting technique.

7-Letter Words that End in Y for 4th Grade (10-Year-Olds)





















Sentences with 7-Letter Words that End in Y for 4th Grade (10-Year-Olds)

Help your 10-year-old expand their vocabulary with this collection of sentences featuring 7-letter words that end in "Y". Tailored for fourth graders, these examples are both educational and engaging, making learning new words an exciting adventure. Let's get started!

When you watch a documentary, you learn about real events and facts from reality.

The author's use of descriptive imagery painted a beautiful picture of the enchanted forest.

Learning cookery skills can be fun and rewarding, especially when making delicious treats like cookies and cakes.

My grandma loves traveling and has visited many worldly places like Paris and Tokyo.

The weighty decision of choosing a pet required careful consideration from the family.

The density of a material tells us how tightly packed its particles are.

Working hard and never giving up can help shape a person's destiny.

The old, rickety bridge swayed in the wind, making it scary to cross.

In history, the rivalry between the two ancient kingdoms led to many battles.

Eating a healthy meal will satisfy your hunger and keep you energized.

In the fairy tale, the princess displayed saintly patience and forgiveness towards her stepmother.

After years of hard work, she finally achieved mastery in solving complex math problems.

She wore a beautiful dress that made her feel very womanly and elegant.

Showing modesty in success means being humble and not bragging about your achievements.

The billowy clouds in the sky looked like fluffy cotton candy on a sunny day.

The school has a policy whereby students can only use their cell phones during lunchtime.

I need to justify my choice of book for the book report by explaining why I selected it.

The story of a natural disaster causing widespread destruction is an example of a tragedy.

My grandmother is very thrifty; she always looks for sales and discounts.

In history class, we learned about how people used to testify by making solemn declarations.

With agility, the cheetah swiftly chases its prey across the savanna.

After forgetting his lines, the young actor had a ghastly feeling of embarrassment.

The study of rocks and how the earth's structure changes is called geology.

In ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs belonged to different dynasties, each with its own traditions and beliefs.

For our science project, we presented a poster on zoology and talked about animal adaptations.

During parent-teacher meetings, parents get a chance to talk to the faculty about their child's progress.

She worked hard to qualify for the spelling bee by winning the regional competition.

7-Letter Words that End in Y for 5th Grade (11-Year-Olds)












Sentences with 7-Letter Words that End in Y for 5th Grade (11-Year-Olds)

Help your 11-year-old expand their vocabulary with these sentences featuring 7-letter words that end in "Y". Perfect for fifth graders, these examples are crafted to enhance both their understanding and usage of these words in everyday contexts. Let's get started!

The magician wowed the audience with his novelty tricks and illusions.

The queen walked with stately grace as she entered the grand ballroom.

The frailty of the old bridge led to its closure for safety reasons.

During the basketball tourney, teams from different schools compete for the championship title.

Comparing a cell to a factory is an analogy often used to explain how cells function.

In order to become a doctor, you must have an extensive understanding of human anatomy.

The cleanup crew has made headway, but there is still a lot of work to do.

We use electricity and water in our homes as utility services.

When doing a science project, it's important to start with an inquiry or question you want to answer.

Beggary is the act of begging for money or food on the streets.

Wearing a white coat can signify that someone is a doctor.

7-Letter Words that End in Y for 6th Grade (12-Year-Olds)













Sentences with 7-Letter Words that End in Y for 6th Grade (12-Year-Olds)

Spark your 12-year-old's interest in vocabulary with sentences featuring 7-letter words that end in "Y". These examples are specifically designed for sixth graders, blending educational value with an engaging reading experience. Check them out below and enhance your child's word power today!

In chemistry, the potency of a substance refers to its concentration or strength.

Learning about tyranny helps us understand the importance of democracy and freedom.

The Regency era in English history was known for its elegant fashion and refined manners.

Mockery is when someone makes fun of another person in a mean or teasing way.

Learning about masonry techniques can help us appreciate the craftsmanship of historical monuments.

Mimicry can also be seen in plants, like the orchid that mimics the appearance of a female wasp to attract pollinators.

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun in our solar system.

Winning the school science fair can gratify any student's desire for recognition.

When we studied the Great Depression, we learned about the effects of an economy in decline.

The ambassador welcomed guests to the embassy's cultural event celebrating diversity.

His haughty attitude made it difficult for him to make friends.

Drapery in a room can not only provide privacy but also add a touch of elegance.

7-Letter Words that End in Y for 7th Grade (13-Year-Olds)






Sentences with 7-Letter Words that End in Y for 7th Grade (13-Year-Olds)

Expand your 13-year-old's vocabulary with our compilation of sentences featuring 7-letter words that end in "Y". Perfect for seventh graders, these examples are tailored to challenge and engage young minds. Discover the joy of learning new words below!

In medieval times, alchemy was a mystical practice that aimed to transform base metals into gold.

Today, alchemy is often seen as a precursor to modern chemistry, with its focus on transmutation and purification.

Alchemy was also associated with the pursuit of the philosopher's stone, believed to grant immortality.

In medieval literature, courtly love often involves a brave knight and a highborn lady.

Despite his rough upbringing, the Squire in Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales' exhibited courtly manners.

The knight behaved in a courtly manner towards the queen, bowing low and speaking respectfully.

Believing that you'll never pass math just because it's hard now is a fallacy; with practice, you can improve.

Believing that eating carrots will give you night vision is a fallacy; while they're good for your eyes, they don't enhance visibility in the dark.

The idea that all popular kids at school are mean is a fallacy, everyone is unique.

The crew secured the gangway to ensure safe boarding and disembarkation.

As the ship docked, passengers lined up along the gangway to disembark.

The captain announced over the intercom that the gangway was now open for passengers to go ashore.

Her suavity in handling difficult situations impressed her colleagues.

The diplomat's suavity helped ease tensions during the negotiations.

His suavity and charm made him a favorite among his classmates and teachers.

7-Letter Words that End in Y for 8th Grade (14-Year-Olds)




Sentences with 7-Letter Words that End in Y for 8th Grade (14-Year-Olds)

Help your 14-year-old enrich their vocabulary with this collection focused on 7-letter words that end in "Y". These example sentences are specifically crafted for eighth graders, aiming to challenge and expand their understanding of language. Engage with these words in context and see how they come to life!

His reputation for knavery preceded him, making others cautious in their dealings with him.

The novel's antagonist was known for his deceitful knavery, always plotting against the protagonist.

Despite his charming facade, his knavery was eventually exposed, leading to his downfall.

She won the oratory competition by delivering a powerful speech on climate change.

The candidate's oratory skills captivated the audience during the political debate.

In a world filled with corruption, it is refreshing to see someone uphold probity in their actions.

The judge was known for his probity, always making fair and just decisions in court.

The company's reputation for probity and ethical business practices attracted many loyal customers.

7-Letter Words that End in Y for 9th Grade (15-Year-Olds)




Sentences with 7-Letter Words that End in Y for 9th Grade (15-Year-Olds)

Engage your 15-year-old in the intricacies of language with this collection focused on 7-letter words ending in "Y". Designed for ninth graders, these example sentences will challenge and enhance their understanding, enriching their vocabulary in a meaningful way. Discover the beauty of language together!

The pillory was a controversial form of public humiliation that is no longer in use today.

The pillory was a device used in medieval times to punish wrongdoers by locking them in public stocks.

In the historical reenactment, the actor was placed in the pillory as part of the punishment scene.

The scientist studied the genetic traits passed down to the progeny of the fruit flies.

The lioness proudly watches over her progeny in the savannah.

The elders shared stories about their ancestors and the success of their progeny.

The company is taking steps to rectify the error in their financial report.

The teacher allowed me to rectify my test answers for partial credit.

He apologized to rectify the mistake he made in his essay.

7-Letter Common Words that End in Y



Sentences with Common Words that End in "Y"

Discover the charm of common words ending in "Y" through our carefully crafted sentences! This selection aims to enhance your vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. Perfect for readers keen on exploring the nuances of language. Let's delve into these examples!

The school faculty works together to make sure every student is learning and having fun.

During parent-teacher meetings, parents get a chance to talk to the faculty about their child's progress.

The faculty at our school includes teachers, principals, and counselors.

In zoology class, we learned about different animal species and their habitats.

My sister wants to study zoology when she grows up to become a wildlife biologist.

For our science project, we presented a poster on zoology and talked about animal adaptations.

In zoology class, we learned about the different types of mammals, birds, and reptiles.

If you love animals, studying zoology might help you become a wildlife expert one day.

Zoology is the study of animals and how they live in their habitats.

7-Letter Animal Words that End in Y








Sentences with Animals that End in "Y"

Discover the fascinating world of animals with our collection of sentences featuring creatures that end in "Y"! This engaging content is crafted to pique your curiosity and expand your knowledge about the animal kingdom. Let's jump right into these intriguing examples!

Blowflies play a crucial role in forensic entomology by helping determine the time of death in investigations.

Children love chasing fireflies in the summer evenings, mesmerized by their twinkling lights.

The kouprey, a rare and endangered species, is known for its distinctive horns and sturdy build.

The lamprey is a jawless fish that attaches itself to other fish to feed on their blood.

The "rottsky" is a mixed breed dog, a cross between a Rottweiler and a Siberian Husky.

Tiffany, the beloved rescue cat, made headlines for her heroic act in saving her owner from a house fire.

Wallabies have strong hind legs that help them jump far distances.

7-Letter History Words that End in Y












Sentences with History Words that End in "Y"

Dive into the past with our collection of sentences featuring history words that end in "Y"! This selection is crafted to enrich your understanding of historical terms and events, making history more vivid and engaging. Perfect for history buffs and curious minds alike. Let's explore these words together!

During periods of anarchy, there is a lack of a central government, leading to chaos and disorder.

Do you know that a century ago, there were no smartphones or computers?

The local news featured a story about a charity drive to collect toys for children in need.

The Ming Dynasty ruled China for nearly three centuries, leaving a lasting impact on the country's culture.

In history, factories changed how things were made, making life easier for many people.

The liberty bell is a historic symbol of American independence.

The court ruled to nullify the contract due to a breach of agreement.

The act of betrayal and deceit in war is considered perfidy and is condemned by international law.

In history class, we learn about primary sources like diaries and letters written by people who lived in the past.

The king ruled with tyranny, making all decisions without considering others.

Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet is a famous tragedy about two young lovers.

Engaging Activities for 7-Letter Words Ending in Y for Kids

Word and Picture Matching

Create a fun game where kids match words like "apology" and "bravery" with corresponding images. This activity enhances vocabulary retention and visual recognition skills. You can use flashcards or draw simple pictures to make it more interactive!

Alphabetical Order Sorting

Challenge children to arrange words such as "academy" and "company" in alphabetical order. This activity helps improve alphabet knowledge and organizational skills. To add a twist, time them to see how quickly they can sort the words!

Spelling Practice

Engage kids in spelling words like "anxiety" and "cavalry" aloud or in writing. This exercise reinforces spelling patterns and boosts language proficiency. You can create a spelling bee competition or use colorful markers to make it enjoyable!

Memory Game

Play a memory game using words like "alchemy" and "density". Flip cards with words facing down and match the pairs to enhance memory retention and concentration. Increase the difficulty by adding more word pairs for a challenging yet fun experience!

Rhyming Words

Explore rhyming words with kids using examples like "agility" and "facility". Encourage them to find words that rhyme with these 7-letter words and create playful rhymes. This activity promotes phonemic awareness and creativity in language play!


Scott Sosso is a serial entrepreneur recognized as one of the top in his industry from a young age. Before the age of 30, he used his entrepreneurial skills to grow a real estate startup to a billion in sales in just three years. Later, he took that entrepreneurial spirit to the healthcare industry, and through various senior leadership roles, he was a key team member who led a healthcare company to 6X gross revenues. While none of these journeys were easy, the process of scaling businesses and navigating complex market dynamics has been a testament to Scott's resilience and business acumen.

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