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7-Letter Words That Start with B for Kids - List of Essential Vocabulary Words

Written by
Scott Sosso

A Thorough Collection of 7-Letter Words Starting with "B" to Boost Kids' Spelling & Vocabulary

Our age-specific word lists are derived from a study on the learning age of over 30,000 English words, ensuring educational relevance. We vet words for kid-friendliness using advanced tools and prioritize vocabulary based on usage frequency, informed by extensive research, to benefit children's learning.

LUCA's collection of 7-letter words that start with "B" is here to support your child's vocabulary enrichment. This comprehensive resource is crafted to aid parents and teachers in offering children additional opportunities for language practice. Discover words that can be easily integrated into a broad spectrum of lesson plans, appropriate for students ranging from prekindergarten through to grade 9. Words such as "beneath" and "balloon" are not only fun but they also cater to a variety of learning levels. The emphasis is strongly placed on the practices of reading comprehension and spelling, as mastering these words can significantly benefit these areas. With "B" 7-letter words, we aim to enhance your child's proficiency in language use. So why wait? Start boosting that vocabulary with our list of 7-letter words that start with "B" today!

7-Letter Words that Start with Letter


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7-Letter Words that Start with B for Pre-K 3 (3-Year-Olds)





Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with B for Pre-K 3 (3-Year-Olds)

Explore the alphabet with your little one using 7-letter words that start with "B"! Simple sentences are here to make learning fun and easy for 3-year-olds. Let's get started on this exciting word adventure!

Mommy helps the baby elephant by gently bathing him with a soft sponge.

At bath time, the little ducklings enjoy splashing and playing in the water.

After a long day of playing outside, the puppy needs a warm bath to get clean.

At bedtime, we read stories in your bedroom.

Your favorite teddy bear is waiting for you in your bedroom.

Let's clean up and put your toys back in your bedroom.

At bedtime, Mommy wraps you in your favourite blanket.

In winter, we wrap ourselves in a warm blanket.

Your teddy bear is cosy under the blanket.

Your brother is your mommy's son, just like you.

When your brother gets home from school, you both can play together.

Tommy is your big brother, he helps you pick up your toys.

7-Letter Words that Start with B for Pre-K 4 (4-Year-Olds)





Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with B for Pre-K 4 (4-Year-Olds)

Get your 4-year-old excited about words with our fun sentences! We're looking at 7-letter words that start with "B". These examples are perfect for little learners in Pre-K 4. Let's begin the adventure with "B" words!

Mom tied a colorful "balloon" to the chair for Sarah's special day.

The "balloon" floated high in the sky, carried by the gentle breeze.

Bobby held a red "balloon" at the birthday party.

We go inside when it rains because we don't want to get wet.

I ate my lunch because I was hungry.

You should wear your helmet because it is safe when riding a bike.

The biscuit crumbled in my hand as I took a bite.

I love eating warm biscuits with butter for breakfast.

Mom baked delicious biscuits for us to enjoy with tea.

Remember, when you start running, remember to breathe in and out calmly.

Fish can breathe underwater using their gills.

When we feel angry or upset, we can take a big breathe to feel better.

7-Letter Words that Start with B for Pre-K (5-Year-Olds)







Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with B for Pre-K (5-Year-Olds)

Get your 5-year-old excited about words with this playful exploration! We're looking at sentences with 7-letter words that start with "B". These examples are perfect for little learners, making reading fun and engaging. Let's get started on this word adventure!

Mom keeps bandages in the first aid kit for any boo-boos we might get.

The bandage had cute cartoon characters on it, making Timmy feel better.

After falling off his bike, Timmy put a bandage on his scraped knee.

Mom bought rechargeable batteries to save money and help the environment.

The toy car stopped moving because its battery ran out of power.

Dad changed the batteries in the remote control to make it work again.

If you believe in yourself, you can ride the big slide all by yourself.

My mom told me if I believe hard enough, my tooth fairy will leave me a surprise.

I believe that my teddy bear talks when I'm not looking.

The little fish swim beneath the water's surface in the aquarium.

Your toys are beneath your bed, let's pull them out to play.

The dog found a cool spot beneath the tree.

The puppy is sitting between the two big dogs.

I found my lost toy car between the couch cushions!

During our game, you can stand between Sarah and Jack.

A builder is someone who creates houses, bridges, and other structures.

The builder worked hard all day to finish building the new school.

The builder used colorful blocks to construct a tall tower in the playground.

7-Letter Words that Start with B for Kindergarten (6-Year-Olds)







Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with B for Kindergarten (6-Year-Olds)

Encourage your 6-year-old's curiosity with sentences using 7-letter words that start with "B". Perfect for young learners, these examples are crafted to be fun and easy to understand. Let's jump into the learning adventure!

The family gathered at the church to celebrate the baptism of their newborn.

During the baptism ceremony, the baby was welcomed into the church community.

The priest gently poured water over the baby's head during the baptism.

The bashful kitten hid behind the couch when visitors came to the house.

Tommy felt bashful when the teacher praised his drawing in front of the class.

Sally, usually bashful around strangers, smiled and said hello to the new student.

The cat likes to nap on the bedding in the sunny spot by the window.

I love my soft bedding with colorful sheets and a cozy blanket.

Mom bought new bedding for my bed, and it has my favorite cartoon characters on it.

We feel so blessed to have a puppy in our home.

On her birthday, Sally said she felt blessed because she could spend her special day with her friends.

Because everyone in our family is healthy, we are very blessed.

The apple tree in our backyard is full of pink and white blossoms, ready to turn into fruit.

In spring, flowers blossom, turning gardens into colorful and vibrant places.

The cherry trees in the park are starting to blossom, filling the air with a sweet fragrance.

We saw a buffalo at our trip to the zoo, remember?

A buffalo is a large animal that lives in the wild.

Buffalos have big, strong bodies and they can run very fast!

7-Letter Words that Start with B for 1st Grade (7-Year-Olds)






Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with B for 1st Grade (7-Year-Olds)

Introduce your 7-year-old to a world of words with our fun activity! We're exploring sentences with 7-letter words that start with "B". These examples are perfect for first graders, making learning exciting and easy to understand. Let's get started!

The airport staff loaded our baggage into the plane.

Before we go on vacation, we need to pack our baggage with clothes and toys.

Dad carries the heavy baggage while I carry my small backpack.

The bearded dragon at the zoo liked to bask under the heat lamp to stay warm.

The pirate had a long, bearded chin that fluttered in the wind as he sailed the seas.

In fairy tales, the wizard often had a bearded face and a magical staff.

Your favorite storybook is on your bedside table right next to your bed.

Before sleeping, mom keeps a glass of water at my bedside.

The lamp at my bedside helps me read my favorite comic book at night.

The workers had to use special equipment to move the heavy boulder out of the way.

A large boulder rolled down the mountain and blocked the hiking trail.

The news reported that a boulder caused a road closure due to safety concerns.

We saw the butcher wearing a white apron at the shop.

If you want to cook a steak, you can ask the butcher for a nice cut.

The butcher at the grocery store helps cut up the meat.

7-Letter Words that Start with B for 2nd Grade (8-Year-Olds)










Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with B for 2nd Grade (8-Year-Olds)

Get your 8-year-old excited about expanding their vocabulary with our collection of sentences using 7-letter words that start with "B". These examples are perfect for second graders, making learning new words fun and easy. Let's jump into the adventure!

The princess waved to her people from the balcony of the castle.

The king and queen hosted a grand banquet in the castle.

At the yard sale, we can find great items at bargain prices.

My family enjoys boating together during the summer holidays.

The boatman's job is to transport passengers safely across the lake, ensuring a smooth journey.

The scouts gathered around the crackling bonfire, roasting marshmallows on sticks.

The bouquet smelled delightful with a mix of lavender and jasmine.

Boyhood means the time when a boy is growing up.

The firefighter's bravery was evident when he rushed into the burning building to save a cat.

7-Letter Words that Start with B for 3rd Grade (9-Year-Olds)









Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with B for 3rd Grade (9-Year-Olds)

Spark curiosity in your 9-year-old with sentences that feature 7-letter words starting with "B". These examples are perfect for third graders, offering a fun way to enhance vocabulary and reading skills. Let's begin the adventure in words together!

Rob tried to balance his time between studying and playing.

People use online banking to check their account balance and pay bills without going to the bank.

Building a strong friendship can help break down the barrier of shyness between classmates.

The Harry Potter book series is beloved by many children around the world.

Studying hard now will benefit you later when you take the test.

During the charity auction, everyone was bidding on the beautiful painting.

The storm caused a power breaker to trip, leading to a temporary blackout in the neighborhood.

The old leaves on the tree were brittle and easily snapped when touched.

7-Letter Words that Start with B for 4th Grade (10-Year-Olds)









Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with B for 4th Grade (10-Year-Olds)

Help your 10-year-old expand their vocabulary with this collection of sentences featuring 7-letter words that start with "B". Designed specifically for fourth graders, these examples are both educational and entertaining. Let's jump into the learning fun!

The barrack was filled with the sounds of laughter and camaraderie among the troops.

The sailboat glided smoothly across the billowy waves of the ocean, propelled by the gentle breeze.

She covered the blemish on her face with a bit of concealer before the school photo.

After eating too much candy, my stomach felt bloated and uncomfortable.

Forgetting your lines during a play is a common blunder that actors may experience.

Many people enjoy visiting breweries to learn about the brewing process and taste different types of beer.

The old ship's bell had a bronzed appearance from years of exposure to the salty sea air.

The budding artist painted a beautiful landscape with vibrant colors.

7-Letter Words that Start with B for 5th Grade (11-Year-Olds)






Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with B for 5th Grade (11-Year-Olds)

Discover the excitement of expanding your vocabulary with our collection of sentences featuring 7-letter words that start with "B". Tailored for 11-year-olds in 5th grade, these examples are perfect for enhancing reading and writing skills. Enjoy learning together!

A bayonet is a sharp blade attached to the end of a rifle for close combat situations.

Soldiers in the past used bayonets when fighting in hand-to-hand combat on the battlefield.

During training, soldiers learn how to fix and use a bayonet effectively in combat scenarios.

In many cities, there are laws against aggressive beggary to ensure public safety.

Beggary is the act of begging for money or food on the streets.

Some organizations provide support and resources to help people escape the cycle of beggary.

The information in this book is held together by a sturdy binding.

In class we learned that a binding agreement is something that both parties must follow.

When you make a promise to a friend, it becomes like a binding pact between the two of you.

Our Earth's breadth is much larger than its height.

To understand this topic fully, we need to consider its breadth, not just one tiny aspect of it.

The breadth of this classroom is measured in feet.

During the Civil War, each brigade was made up of several thousand soldiers.

In our school project, our task is to research about the different types of brigades in the army.

The fire brigade rushed to put out the massive forest fire.

7-Letter Words that Start with B for 6th Grade (12-Year-Olds)






Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with B for 6th Grade (12-Year-Olds)

Explore the world of 7-letter words starting with "B" with your 12-year-old! These example sentences are crafted to match the reading and comprehension levels of sixth graders, making learning both fun and educational. Let's get started!

The magician used his skills to beguile the audience with mesmerizing tricks.

In fairy tales, wicked witches often try to beguile unsuspecting characters with deceptive words.

The charming melody of the music seemed to beguile everyone at the party, making them dance joyfully.

The vocabulary word 'beseech' means to earnestly and urgently ask someone for something.

In the story, the knight would beseech the king for a chance to prove his worth.

Desperate for help, the main character would often beseech his friends for assistance.

His bigoted remarks about people from different cultures shocked the class during the discussion.

It's important to educate ourselves and others to combat bigoted attitudes and promote understanding and acceptance.

Being bigoted means having unfair and intolerant views towards individuals based on their race, religion, or beliefs.

The peaceful and bucolic setting of the village was a welcome escape from the bustling city.

The artist captured the bucolic beauty of the rural landscape in his painting.

The bucolic countryside was filled with rolling hills, grazing sheep, and quaint farmhouses.

The helium-filled balloon was so buoyant that it soared high into the sky.

The swimmer felt buoyant in the pool, supported by the water's natural lift.

The buoyant rubber duck floated effortlessly on the water in the bathtub.

7-Letter Words that Start with B for 7th Grade (13-Year-Olds)






Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with B for 7th Grade (13-Year-Olds)

Elevate your 13-year-old's vocabulary with our collection of sentences featuring 7-letter words that start with "B". Each example is crafted to challenge and engage seventh graders, making learning a dynamic experience. Explore the richness of language with us!

In the book they are reading, the baleful antagonist frightens the main character.

The dark clouds in the sky had a rather baleful look, warning of the coming storm.

Despite his baleful gaze, the teacher was actually quite kind.

In blacksmithing, a smith uses bellows to stoke the fire and make it hotter.

When the campfire started to go out, Dad used a hand-held bellows to rekindle it.

In the old days, people often relied on bellows to supply fires with a strong gust of air.

Famous celebrities are often besieged by fans and paparazzi wherever they go.

During the war, the city was besieged for months before finally surrendering.

During the Middle Ages, castles would often be besieged by enemy forces trying to overtake the kingdom.

The enemy troops decided to besiege the castle, cutting off its supplies.

The protesters planned to besiege the government building to demand political reforms.

When the new video game was released, the store was besieged with customers trying to buy it.

As she wandered through the old library, she began to bethink herself of forgotten tales.

In the quiet of the night, he would often bethink his childhood memories.

When faced with a difficult decision, it's wise to bethink all possible outcomes before acting.

The medieval times were often seen as brutish due to the heavy reliance on physical strength and combat.

In the novel, the author described the villain as a brutish man, using force and intimidation to get his way.

The bully's brutish behavior made him unpopular among his peers.

7-Letter Words that Start with B for 8th Grade (14-Year-Olds)



Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with B for 8th Grade (14-Year-Olds)

Encourage your 14-year-old to expand their vocabulary with our collection of sentences featuring 7-letter words that start with "B". These examples are perfectly suited for eighth graders, blending academic enrichment with a dash of fun. Let's explore these words in context together!

In his will, grandpa left a bequest to all his grandchildren.

The local library was built through a generous bequest from a wealthy benefactor.

Part of his bequest was a charitable donation to the animal shelter, showing his love for animals even after his passing.

Brocade, a type of rich fabric, is often used in curtains, upholstery and high-end fashion.

The princess wore a dress made of gold brocade in the royal ball.

The brocade drapes in Mrs. Johnson's living room made the place look elegant.

7-Letter Words that Start with B for 9th Grade (15-Year-Olds)



Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with B for 9th Grade (15-Year-Olds)

Immerse your 15-year-old in the intricacies of the English language with this collection. Focused on 7-letter words that start with "B", these example sentences are tailored for ninth graders, challenging them to expand their vocabulary and comprehension. Explore the nuances of language together!

Ships use ballast to maintain balance and stability in the water.

In fluorescent lights, a ballast regulates the current to the lamps and provides sufficient voltage to start the lamps.

In a hot air balloon, ballast, often sand or water, is used to control altitude.

The castle's bulwark was built to protect it from invaders.

In the debate, she acted as a bulwark against the opposing team's argument.

The levee serves as a bulwark to protect the village from floods.

7-Letter Animal Words that Start with B














Sentences with Animals that Start with "B"

Dive into the animal kingdom with our collection of sentences showcasing animals that start with "B"! This unique selection is crafted to spark curiosity and enhance your understanding of these fascinating creatures. Get ready to meet some incredible animals beginning with "B".

The batfish gets its name from its unique pectoral fins that resemble bat wings.

Beabull is a mixed breed dog, a cross between a Beagle and a Bulldog.

Beefalo meat is leaner than traditional beef and is gaining popularity for its health benefits.

The Bichpoo, a mix between a Bichon Frise and a Poodle, is known for its hypoallergenic coat.

Blowflies play a crucial role in forensic entomology by helping determine the time of death in investigations.

Due to their high energy levels, Boradors require regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

Due to its mixed heritage, the Boskimo may exhibit a combination of traits from both parent breeds.

Due to their small size, Boxachis are suitable for apartment living and make great companions.

The Boxador is a popular mixed-breed dog, a cross between a Boxer and a Labrador Retriever.

The boxfish is known for its unique box-shaped body, which provides excellent protection.

We saw a buffalo at our trip to the zoo, remember?

The bulldog's friendly and gentle nature makes it a popular choice as a family pet.

The Burmese python's population has become a concern in Florida due to its impact on the local ecosystem.

7-Letter History Words that Start with B







Sentences with History Words that Start with "B"

Step back in time and explore history through words that start with "B"! Our collection of sentences weaves these words into engaging narratives, making the past come alive. Ideal for history buffs and curious minds alike, let's uncover the stories behind the words.

The Baroque period in history is known for its elaborate art, music, and architecture.

The Baroque style influenced not only art but also fashion and literature during its peak.

Baroque music often features dramatic melodies and ornate ornamentation.

A boycott is a powerful tool for citizens to peacefully resist unjust practices or policies.

The colonists organized a boycott of British goods to protest against unfair taxes.

During the civil rights movement, African Americans used boycotts to challenge segregation.

In ancient India, Brahmins were considered the highest caste, responsible for religious rituals and teaching.

Brahmins played a significant role in preserving and passing down sacred texts and traditions.

The Brahmin caste was traditionally associated with knowledge, spirituality, and leadership in society.

During the bubonic plague outbreak, many people in Europe fell ill and succumbed to the illness.

The bubonic plague, also known as the Black Death, was a devastating disease in the Middle Ages.

Historians study the impact of the bubonic plague on society and how it shaped medieval Europe.

The term "burgess" historically referred to a citizen of a borough or town with full municipal rights.

In news, a burgess might be a local official elected to represent the interests of their community.

During the town hall meeting, the burgess addressed concerns about infrastructure improvements.

The burghers often formed guilds to protect their interests and uphold the economic stability of their communities.

Burghers played a significant role in the development of trade and commerce during the Middle Ages.

In medieval Europe, a burgher was a prosperous citizen living in a town or city.

Exploring 7-Letter Words Starting with "B" for Kids

Spelling Practice

Engage kids in spelling practice with words like "bedding", "beneath", and "blanket". Encourage them to write each word multiple times to reinforce spelling skills. To make it more interactive, you can turn it into a spelling bee game with rewards for correct spellings!

Memory Game

Create a memory game using cards with illustrations of words such as "bouquet", "bargain", and "biscuit". Kids can take turns flipping the cards and matching the word with the picture. This activity enhances memory retention and vocabulary recognition.

Word and Picture Matching

Pair words like "bathing", "boulder", and "boxfish" with corresponding pictures for a fun matching activity. This exercise helps children associate words with visual representations, improving both vocabulary and visual recognition skills.

Auditory Word Association

Engage kids in auditory word association by saying words like "bravery", "baptism", and "bargain" aloud. Encourage them to repeat the words and use them in sentences to reinforce auditory learning. This activity enhances pronunciation and word recall abilities.

Alphabetical Order Sorting

Challenge kids to arrange "B" words alphabetically, such as "balance", "bedding", and "butter". This activity not only reinforces alphabetical order but also improves organizational skills. You can make it a race against the clock for added excitement!


Scott Sosso is a serial entrepreneur recognized as one of the top in his industry from a young age. Before the age of 30, he used his entrepreneurial skills to grow a real estate startup to a billion in sales in just three years. Later, he took that entrepreneurial spirit to the healthcare industry, and through various senior leadership roles, he was a key team member who led a healthcare company to 6X gross revenues. While none of these journeys were easy, the process of scaling businesses and navigating complex market dynamics has been a testament to Scott's resilience and business acumen.

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