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7-Letter Words That Start with O for Kids - List of Essential Vocabulary Words

Written by
Scott Sosso

A Thorough Compilation of 7-Letter Words Starting with "O" to Enhance Kids' Spelling & Vocabulary Skills

Our age-specific word lists are derived from a study on the learning age of over 30,000 English words, ensuring educational relevance. We vet words for kid-friendliness using advanced tools and prioritize vocabulary based on usage frequency, informed by extensive research, to benefit children's learning.

LUCA's list of 7-letter words that start with "O" will be a fantastic tool for your child to expand their vocabulary. Designed as an exhaustive resource, it enables you to offer additional language practice for kids. Whether it's to enhance reading skills or spice up their writing, this list has got you covered. It includes vocabulary that's fitting for an array of age groups, ranging from prekindergarten to grade 9. With child-appropriate words such as "outdoor" or "opinion," young learners can practice spelling, reading, and pronunciation. The goal is to construct an extensive vocabulary of 7-letter "O" words that can bolster communication abilities. Why not begin vocabulary-building practice with these words today?

7-Letter Words that Start with Letter


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7-Letter Words that Start with O for Pre-K 3 (3-Year-Olds)


Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with O for Pre-K 3 (3-Year-Olds)

Let's make learning fun for your 3-year-old! We're looking at 7-letter words that start with "O". These simple sentences are perfect for little learners to enjoy and understand. Let the fun begin right here!

Let's have a picnic outside in the park.

We can play on the swing set outside.

Mommy and Daddy like to garden outside.

7-Letter Words that Start with O for Pre-K 4 (4-Year-Olds)



Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with O for Pre-K 4 (4-Year-Olds)

Introduce your 4-year-old to the fun of learning with sentences featuring 7-letter words that start with "O". Perfect for little learners to get a head start on reading and vocabulary in a playful way. Let's enjoy discovering these words together!

Oatmeal is made from oats and is good for your tummy.

You can add cinnamon and honey to make your oatmeal taste yummy.

For breakfast, I like to eat warm oatmeal with fruit on top.

We love playing outdoor games like tag and hide-and-seek.

I brought my bucket and shovel to play in the outdoor sandbox.

In the outdoor playground, there are slides and swings to play on.

7-Letter Words that Start with O for Kindergarten (6-Year-Olds)




Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with O for Kindergarten (6-Year-Olds)

Let your 6-year-old dive into the fun of reading with sentences showcasing 7-letter words that start with "O". These simple examples are perfect for young learners, making reading both enjoyable and educational.

The police officer helps keep our community safe.

The officer wore a shiny badge on his uniform.

At Career Day, we learned about what an officer does to help people.

The fairytale started with "Once upon a time" to set the scene for the opening of the story.

I carefully unwrapped the present, excited to see what was inside the beautifully wrapped opening.

The teacher asked us to raise our hands when we want to say something during the class opening.

Ostriches have long legs and can run very fast to escape from danger.

The ostrich is the biggest bird in the world, and it cannot fly.

An ostrich has a long neck that helps it reach leaves on trees to eat.

7-Letter Words that Start with O for 1st Grade (7-Year-Olds)



Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with O for 1st Grade (7-Year-Olds)

Help your 7-year-old expand their vocabulary with some special 7-letter words that start with "O". We've put together sentences that are just right for first graders, making learning new words exciting and easy. Let's jump into the fun!

We need to use scissors to operate the craft project.

The doctor will operate on your broken arm to make it better.

My dad knows how to operate the remote control for the TV.

In the orchard, you can see trees blooming with fruits like apples, oranges, and pears.

We went to the orchard to pick apples and tasted their sweet juice.

The apple orchard is a place where many trees grow apples.

7-Letter Words that Start with O for 2nd Grade (8-Year-Olds)






Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with O for 2nd Grade (8-Year-Olds)

Get your 8-year-old excited about expanding their vocabulary with our collection of sentences! We're shining a spotlight on 7-letter words that start with "O". Each example is crafted to be just right for second graders, making learning both fun and effective. Let's get started!

During the game, the coach explained the importance of teamwork in executing a strong offense.

Scoring a goal in soccer is an exciting offense that helps your team win the game.

In basketball, passing the ball effectively is crucial for a successful offense.

In our class, we shared our opinion on which book we liked the most.

Everyone has their own opinion about which flavor of ice cream is the best.

When writing a persuasive essay, it's important to include your opinion and supporting reasons.

My mom always asks me to tidy up my room so that it looks neat and orderly.

Our teacher likes it when we line up in an orderly fashion.

To keep our classroom tidy, we put our books in an orderly manner on the shelf.

Being an outcast means feeling left out or different from the rest of the group.

Sometimes, being an outcast can lead to discovering unique talents and strengths that set you apart.

The outcast boy found solace in his books, where he could escape into exciting adventures.

The teacher asked us to create an outline before writing our book reports.

Before writing an essay, it's helpful to create an outline to organize your thoughts.

I used a pencil to draw an outline of the mountains in my art project.

7-Letter Words that Start with O for 3rd Grade (9-Year-Olds)







Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with O for 3rd Grade (9-Year-Olds)

Help your 9-year-old grow their vocabulary with these sentences featuring 7-letter words that start with "O". Perfect for third graders, each example is crafted to be both educational and engaging. Let's get started with these exciting words!

Scientists use telescopes to observe stars and planets in the night sky.

During our field trip to the zoo, we were able to observe a wide variety of animals and learn about their behaviors.

We could observe different plants in the garden to see how they grow.

If you wear a raincoat when it's raining, it's obvious that you'll stay dry.

The answer was so obvious, everyone knew it right away.

It's obvious that the sky is blue and grass is green.

In some countries, littering in public places is considered a serious offence with fines.

Forgetting to say "thank you" can sometimes be seen as a minor social offence.

Scoring a goal against the opponent's team is considered an offence in soccer.

When rolling a dice, the outcome could be any number from 1 to 6.

The outcome of a math problem is the answer or result you get after solving it.

In a game, the outcome of a move can determine whether you win or lose.

The mayor's decision to cut funding for the playground caused outrage among parents and children.

The community expressed outrage over the pollution in the local river.

There was outrage among the students when the school canceled the field trip.

The forest was overrun with playful squirrels gathering acorns for the winter.

The garden was overrun with colorful flowers, attracting butterflies and bees.

During the picnic, the park was overrun by a group of excited children playing tag.

7-Letter Words that Start with O for 4th Grade (10-Year-Olds)



Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with O for 4th Grade (10-Year-Olds)

Help your 10-year-old expand their vocabulary with our collection of sentences featuring 7-letter words that start with "O". Perfect for fourth graders, these examples are crafted to enrich language skills in a fun and engaging way. Discover them below!

We used odorous markers to make our artwork smell like different fruits.

The flowers in the garden have a sweet and odorous fragrance.

The gym locker room can sometimes be odorous after a workout.

Emily's positive outlook on life always brightens up the room.

Ryan believes that having a good outlook can help you achieve your goals.

The weather forecast gives us an outlook on what to expect tomorrow.

7-Letter Words that Start with O for 5th Grade (11-Year-Olds)





Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with O for 5th Grade (11-Year-Olds)

Introduce your 11-year-old to the excitement of expanding their vocabulary with our selection of sentences featuring 7-letter words that start with "O". Tailored for fifth graders, these examples are perfect for learning new words in a fun and engaging way. Let's get started!

In the library, she found an obscure book that no one had checked out in years.

The explorer stumbled upon an obscure cave hidden deep in the jungle.

The meaning of the ancient symbol was so obscure that even the historians were puzzled.

The oculist recommended regular eye check-ups to maintain good eye health.

The oculist prescribed glasses to improve the student's vision in class.

At the oculist's office, the eye doctor conducted a thorough examination of the patient's eyes.

The news reported on a new military outpost being built near the border for security purposes.

The remote outpost in the mountains served as a base for hikers exploring the wilderness.

The astronauts established a small outpost on the moon to conduct experiments and research.

During the field trip, the park ranger will oversee the group to ensure everyone stays safe and together.

A librarian may oversee the library, making sure books are organized and available for borrowing.

The teacher will oversee the science experiment to ensure everyone follows safety rules.

7-Letter Words that Start with O for 6th Grade (12-Year-Olds)




Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with O for 6th Grade (12-Year-Olds)

Engage your 12-year-old with the power of words! We've crafted sentences using 7-letter words that start with "O", perfectly suited for sixth graders. This collection aims to enhance vocabulary in a fun and meaningful way. Explore the sentences below to learn and grow.

She used an oblique strategy to solve the challenging math problem.

The detective followed an oblique trail of evidence to catch the thief.

The oblique lines in the painting created a sense of movement and depth.

The detective felt an ominous presence as he entered the crime scene.

The eerie silence in the haunted house was quite ominous.

The dark clouds and thunder made the atmosphere feel ominous.

In history class, we learned about how different groups have been oppressed throughout the centuries.

The authoritarian government implemented strict rules to oppress dissenting voices.

The dictator used his power to oppress the people, taking away their freedom.

7-Letter Words that Start with O for 7th Grade (13-Year-Olds)



Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with O for 7th Grade (13-Year-Olds)

Help your 13-year-old expand their vocabulary with this collection of sentences featuring 7-letter words that start with "O". Perfectly crafted for seventh graders, these examples are designed to challenge and engage. Explore and learn together!

Doing household chores every day can become an onerous responsibility.

Studying for multiple exams all in one day can be an onerous task.

Having to complete a long and complex project can feel onerous and overwhelming.

The politician practiced his oration before the important speech.

The historical figure's famous oration inspired many people to fight for freedom.

The student delivered a powerful oration about the importance of recycling.

7-Letter Words that Start with O for 8th Grade (14-Year-Olds)



Sentences with 7-Letter Words that Start with O for 8th Grade (14-Year-Olds)

Challenge your 14-year-old with this exciting exploration of language! We're diving into sentences featuring 7-letter words that start with "O". These examples are perfect for eighth graders, designed to enrich their vocabulary and comprehension skills. Discover the variety below!

The opulent mansion boasted a private cinema and a luxurious indoor pool.

The grand ballroom was filled with opulent decorations and chandeliers.

The queen's opulent attire adorned with diamonds and pearls dazzled everyone in the room.

She won the oratory competition by delivering a powerful speech on climate change.

The candidate's oratory skills captivated the audience during the political debate.

7-Letter Animal Words that Start with O







Sentences with Animals that Start with "O"

Discover the amazing animals that start with "O" through our crafted sentences! This collection is a delightful way to learn about these unique creatures. Perfect for animal lovers and curious minds eager to expand their knowledge. Let's jump into the world of "O"-starting animals!

Due to its rare sightings and deep-sea habitat, the oarfish has inspired various myths and legends.

Marine biologists study the oarfish to learn more about its behavior and ecological role in the ocean.

The oarfish, a long and slender marine fish, can grow up to 36 feet in length.

An octopus can change its colors to blend with its surroundings.

I saw a colorful octopus at the aquarium.

The octopus has eight long tentacles.

Oilfish, also known as escolar, is a type of fish with a high oil content that can cause gastrointestinal issues in some people.

When cooking oilfish, it's important to remove excess oil to minimize the risk of digestive discomfort.

Despite its delicious taste, oilfish should be consumed in moderation due to its potential side effects.

The opaleye fish gets its name from the beautiful opalescent sheen on its scales.

Opaleye fish are commonly found in rocky coastal areas along the Pacific Ocean.

The opaleye's diet consists of algae, small invertebrates, and crustaceans.

Opossums are known for their ability to play dead when they feel threatened by predators.

The opossum is a marsupial that carries its babies in a pouch on its belly.

Did you know that opossums are skilled climbers and can use their prehensile tails to grasp branches?

The ostrich is the biggest bird in the world and it can run very fast.

Even though ostriches have wings, they cannot fly, but they can use their legs to kick.

Ostriches have long necks and legs, and they live in Africa where it's very hot.

7-Letter Math Words that Start with O





Sentences with Math Words that Start with "O"

Discover the elegance of math through sentences with math words that start with "O". These examples are crafted to illuminate the beauty and precision of mathematical language. Join us in exploring these terms, enhancing both understanding and appreciation for math's intricate world.

The police found suspicious objects near the crime scene, leading to further investigation.

In math, objects can be geometric shapes like cubes, spheres, or pyramids.

The museum displayed ancient objects, including pottery, jewelry, and tools, for visitors to admire.

The new playground design includes an octagon-shaped sandbox for children to play in.

An octagon is a shape with eight sides and eight angles, like a stop sign.

In math class, we learned that an octagon has twice as many sides as a square.

When we roll a dice, each number that comes up is a possible outcome.

Finding the outcome of a subtraction problem helps us understand how much money we have left after spending.

In our math game, the outcome of adding two numbers tells us how many steps to move forward.

During the economic analysis, the economist identified an outlier that skewed the average income calculation.

In statistics, an outlier is a data point that significantly differs from other observations in a dataset.

The weather forecast showed an outlier in temperature, indicating a sudden and unexpected heatwave.

7-Letter History Words that Start with O


Sentences with History Words that Start with "O"

Step back in time and explore the fascinating world of history through words that start with "O". Our collection of example sentences brings these historical terms to life, offering a unique lens into the past. Join us on this enlightening journey through history's pages!

During the Industrial Revolution, factory owners sought optimal ways to increase productivity and profits.

To achieve optimal results in battle, military commanders strategize and plan meticulously.

In historical negotiations, finding an optimal solution often requires compromise and diplomacy.

Exploring 7-Letter Words Beginning with "O" for Kids

Alphabetical Order Sorting

Challenge kids to arrange the "O" words alphabetically, such as "oblique", "objects", and "observe". This activity enhances their alphabetical skills and vocabulary retention. To make it engaging, set a timer and see how quickly they can sort the words!

Story Creation

Encourage children to craft imaginative stories using words like "outpost", "opulent", and "observe". This activity stimulates creativity and narrative development. Consider illustrating the stories together to further enhance their storytelling experience.

Word Creation Challenge

Invite kids to invent new words using the letters from "outpost", "offense", and "opinion". This activity fosters linguistic creativity and expands their vocabulary. Encourage them to define the new words they create for added linguistic practice!

Auditory Word Association

Engage kids in a word association game where they link words like "octopus", "ominous", and "outdoor" based on sound or theme. This activity sharpens their auditory processing skills and strengthens word connections. Encourage them to explain the associations they make for deeper comprehension.

Adjective Hunt

Guide children to identify adjectives among the "O" words, such as "orderly", "ominous", and "obvious". This activity helps enhance their understanding of descriptive language and encourages them to use adjectives in their own writing. To make it interactive, have them act out the adjectives they find!


Scott Sosso is a serial entrepreneur recognized as one of the top in his industry from a young age. Before the age of 30, he used his entrepreneurial skills to grow a real estate startup to a billion in sales in just three years. Later, he took that entrepreneurial spirit to the healthcare industry, and through various senior leadership roles, he was a key team member who led a healthcare company to 6X gross revenues. While none of these journeys were easy, the process of scaling businesses and navigating complex market dynamics has been a testament to Scott's resilience and business acumen.

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